Leopold I. Krebs: EAT AND LET GROW . April 20 – May 20 2017

Krebs presents his project ‚eat and let grow‘: Leopold Isidor Krebs – an artist and a landscape architecture student, living in Zurich – shows his unique plants in unique wheel thrown pots, I have thrown them for this project.

Leopold likes eating exotic fruits – and also loves plants. So he kept seeds from the fruits he ate and planted them to see if they would grow in rather cold Switzerland… And it is like a miracle: Ananas, Maracuja, Avocado and many more are growing in his nursery. Black stoneware and a simple cylindrical shape in various diameters and heights seem to provide a firm base and offer solid protection for these delicate plants.

I am happy to present this installation in my space – come and have a look, it is simply beautiful!